Junior Member Highlights

    ACF Chicago Chefs Junior Member Mentor Program

    The primary focus of the ACF Chicago Chefs Junior Member / Chef Member Mentor Program will be to provide guidance and structure for the Junior Member, assisting them to function within the Chapter, locally and within their culinary community.  The Chef Member will act as a role model, demonstrating the positive results of pride, professionalism, ethics, hard work and appropriate interpersonal conduct.

    This voluntary program is designed to give the junior member an opportunity for assistance in participating in chapter activities, advice for job placement, a resource for information and knowledge regarding their culinary career and finally, just someone to help meet future employers.

    Each Chef Member will agree to take one junior member at any given time.  The Junior Member Representative will assist the Junior Members in finding a Chef Mentor.

    Meetings between the Junior Member and Chef Mentor should allow ample time to get to know one another and establish the best line of communication that will be beneficial for the two. 

    Mentor Responsibilities:

    • Establish a sense of approachability, trust and respect with the Junior Member
    • Establish a method of contact between both
    • Chef Mentor follow up for Junior Member attendance at meetings and other chapter events
    • Chef Mentor to encourage and provide guidance for Junior Member participation in all activities for the Junior Member's benefit
    • Chef Mentor to provide possible counsel for professional concerns of Junior Member
    • Chef Mentor to maintain confidentiality of Junior Member
    • Chef  Mentor to maintain integrity of ACF Chicago Chefs


    Junior Member Incentive Program

    The purpose of this program is to promote the partnership, education, and fellowship that the American Culinary Federation (ACF) offers to all of its members.  The main objective is to allow the Junior Members of the ACF Chicago Chefs Chapter to earn points for participation in Chapter activities and for the advancement of culinary knowledge, skills, abilities and community involvement.  In return, once a Junior Member earns enough points, his or her yearly Chapter membership dues in the ACF Chicago Chefs will be paid by the Chapter. Junior Members must be in good standing with the Chapter and up-to-date in the payment of their Chapter dues.  This will only be offered to Junior Members of the ACF Chicago Chefs and can only be received for two years of their membership at the Junior Member level.

    Junior Members can earn points in a variety of ways, and must earn those points in a single calendar year.  Points will not carry over into the next calendar year.  The Junior Member will be responsible for recording his or her points and for completing the application to use these points.

    All points must be verified by an Active Member of the American Culinary Federation (not another Junior Member). The Junior Member must keep track of his or her own points by filling out the points form for each qualifying activity. Any received documentation for each event gathered to substantiate the participation is also necessary. The Junior Member will have an Active Member sign the form in order to validate the points. To earn points for ACF activities, the signing Active Member must be present at the said activity. The Active Member, with his or her signature, is also confirming that a Junior Member is performing up to the professional code of the ACF.

    When a Junior Member earns enough points, he or she should turn all forms, along with the application in to the Junior Member Representative or any Board member.  If the Board determines that all criteria have been met, the Chapter will reimburse the Junior Member's dues within 30 days.

    Junior Members can earn points through participation in ACF activities, demonstration of scholarship in a culinary school, employment in the culinary field, and other achievements in the culinary field.  All of the detailed information earning points within those categories is listed on the Points Form. 

    A total of 50 documented points must be accumulated in the one year to participate in this program.

    Please download the Junior Member Incentive Program Points Form or the Program Information Document.