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President's Letter

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President Jesse Cobb

Happy New Year to All,

As I look back on 2017, I take time to reflect all the good things that have happened within our chapter. I want to take a little time to note and honor all the great things this past year has held, so I can begin to look towards 2018 and all it might be.

Our chapter came together as a team as we planned our work and worked our plan. We started the year hosting ACF Chef Connect Chicago at the Hilton on Michigan Avenue. It was a fantastic event that offered professional development opportunities through informative business seminars, forums, cutting-edge demonstrations, hands-on workshops and networking. It was a successful event and we were honored to showcase our city and all the great talent here.          

In February, we promoted “Moving, Making, Transporting and Consuming: The Past, Present and Future of Food in Chicago”. While the Windy City was once know as the “Hog Butcher for the World”, things have changed in the way that food is made and consumed are our city.

March brought us to Kendall College for installation of our new officers. Myself, Tom Ryan, Tony Gomez and Mary Gorski all became officers in our chapter. We raised our right hand, took our oath and accepted our responsibility to fulfill of the offices of which we have been elected. 

April brought us to the Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute for a sensory evaluation of cheese. The Midwest Dairy Association taught us how to apply the use of our 5 senses to explore various types of cheese.

September we celebrated together as a family and held our picnic at Catherine Chevalier Woods and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day filled with great food, fun and fellowship. We also held our Annual Golf Outing at McHenry Country Club and enjoyed another fantastic day filled with sun, fun and food.

October we headed to Sysco and were treated to a tasteful Octoberfest  prepared by Chef Klaus Mandl. I can still taste the spatzle melting in my mouth.

November we enjoyed a delicious meal at Indian Lakes created by Chef Chris who shared all of his great talents delivering a fine meal. 

Thanksgiving Day we met at LaRabida Children’s Hospital and used our talents to create a meal for the children and their families. The meal was made with love and everyone felt good inside and out when we were finished.

December we celebrated the season, with our Holiday Party at LaVilla Restaurant on Pulaski. What a way to celebrate the season with friends you love and food to share.

As I sit here and reflect back on the past 12 months – all I feel is grateful for another year. We have much to be thankful for within our chapter. As I have said before, we have successfully merged two chapters into one and are moving forward TOGETHER. We look to the future of 2018 and hope that you will join us!


Jesse Cobb, CEC. AAC

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